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The Teacher’s Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Arthur Sanders may look like an ordinary man to you and me, but what he has done to change the lives of his students is absolutely extraordinary. Sanders teaches English to students in a high school in California, where he now lives. He was born and raised by a single mother in a small town in Arizona, and he has gone on to do fantastic things. Sanders has said that if he can change just one student’s life that his job would be done; however, he has helped students, and continues to have a great impact on the high school kids in his classroom year after year.

Sanders has been teaching English for 17 years now, and has developed a passion for his profession that can be seen in the students he teaches. Always wanting to help those that were struggling in the subject, and in school in general, Sanders gets uninterested teens into writing by having them write about subjects that they are passionate about. He was there once, he says, and wants to show his students how wonderful writing really can be. Not everyone can compose an essay about every topic, but when given the chance in the proper environment, everyone can write about something they love.

Not only does Sanders give students the opportunity to write about topics that are specific and near to their hearts, he has them put away the laptops to really get a feel for their writing. Students are advised to use stationary and fountain pens – to put away their books and get their ink flowing pens down onto paper. As a teacher and a former student himself, Sanders strongly believes that using some sort of writing utensil instead of a computer makes students feel as though their writing is more important. And as he has stated, “My students’ papers are important. They are each special in their own way.” Although Sanders admits that he has received some criticism for what he calls the Fountain Pen Method, the results speak for themselves.

Along with incorporating his alternative writing assignments, Sanders is also there to guide students along the way. He frequently stays after class to tutor students who are experiencing problems. His students have noted that he often gives up his free time on weekends and evenings to help them get it right. This teacher puts in the effort, and the students respond to him. Students with low GPAs have used Sanders’ teachings to raise them. Exam scores have gone up as well.

When asked about the overwhelmingly positive outcome, Sanders said, “It’s all about taking pride in their work. These students have started to care about their grades, and now they have something to show for it. Their futures are very bright.” He’s right to believe that too. Several of his students have gone on to achieve success in career fields such as journalism, healthcare, and Sanders’ favorite: education.

Although he is happy to be recognized for his influence on students, Sanders is sure to give them all the credit. “They already had the talent. I just gave them a push,” he stated. This top notch educator doesn’t plan on changing his teaching methods any time soon either. Lucky for his future students, the Fountain Pen Method is here to stay.